about ForageVine

ForageVine is the online destination for information on foraging wild edible plants and fungi. We provide helpful articles that discuss the safe identification and harvesting of these ingredients, adding a new level of excitement to your culinary adventures. With ForageVine, you can be confident in what you find while hiking and add some unique flavors to your table.

Meet Karan

Hi, I’m Karan. I love reading a good book almost as much as lumberjacking, foraging, and salt-curing a ham. When I’m not tending the littles, you’ll most likely find me in the woods trying to identify some form of plant or fungal life.

I want to help motivate and inspire you to take steps toward self-reliance today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a small apartment in the city, or out on the land in rural America. Baby steps or big leaps, it’s your choice!